Mr. Locksmith Tests 5+ Car Key Programmers on 2014 Ford Mustang | Mr. Locksmith™ Winnipeg

Mr. Locksmith Tests 5+ Car Key Programmers on 2014 Ford Mustang | Mr. Locksmith™ Winnipeg

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I tested 5+ Car Key Programmers to see if they could add a key to a
2014 Ford Mustang. Between tests, I erased the key and started fresh.

Also, not only which Programmer would add a new Ford Transponder key but bypass the Ford 10 minute wait time.

I tested the following Car Key Programmers:

  • Zed Full
  • AutoProPad
  • MVP
  • X100
  • IM100
  • SKP900

More Programmers to test in the near future.

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I am going to  program in a key to a Ford Mustang. This is a 2014 Ford Mustang. We’re going to use a 2014 Ford Mustang, and we’re going to program automotive keys into the Ford. Always test your car first with a mechanical key, if it works, the ignition turns it, of course it won’t start it ’cause it’s a transponder, and then we make keys using our transponder key, and we’re gonna program it in. Right now, the mechanical key is perfect, transponder key, perfect. Now, let’s check it in the ignition. Put the key in the ignition, and of course it is not going start the car. But that’s cool. Put the transponder key, I’ve got it good, okay.

Note: One of my go-to books for making keys to cars and motorcycles is “2015 Edition FAST FACTS — 1965-2015 Auto’s and Cycles” by Robert G Sieveking from Sieveking Products Company. This is a great book. This is the 2015 version. Every two years, a new updated version comes out.

Let’s hook up the programing. So right now, I’m gonna use the Zed-Full, and we’re gonna program in our functional key. Okay, so I’ve plugged in the OBD II plug. Zed-Full is nice, sits on the steering wheel. That’s what I like about this one. Put the ignition key in, and we’ll start programming. Erase all keys, we can add a key, add two keys. Usually a 10-minute wait. We’ll test the key. And the sound of power, and we just made some money. A key program gonna use right now is the Auto ProPad. This is surprising, been one of our go-to machines. Right now it’s very very effective, let’s see how it does on the 2014 Mustang. We’re gonna program a key. Okay, we’re plugging it in the OBD II. This is the Auto ProPad. The key is in. Pretty simple menu. It should bypass, and success. And let’s give it a try. In position. There’s no 10 minutes, it does the 10-minute bypass nicely. And success. Perfect. Let’s just try the other key. It starts the car perfectly. Auto ProPad, pass. Gonna use The MVP to program a 2014 Mustang transponder key. So this is The MVP Pro and has the super dongle. We’re just gonna plug into the OBD II port. Now there are two ways this thing comes in, it’s per token, or you get a monthly on it. We put on the security code. Now we wanna put the key in. Let’s see if it starts the car. And it’s perfect. And again, with this one you can add a key, erase keys. If you erase keys, you got to have two master keys ready to go. Okay, gonna use the IM100 to program the 2014 Ford Mustang. So this is the IM100, let’s see how it does. We’re gonna plug in the IM100 into the OBD II. Tell me when to click the key in. Now the IM100 will not do the bypass on the 10-minute bypass. So we have to actually wait 10 minutes, so we’re just going to let it cycle through for 10 minutes, and then we’ll see if it starts the car. Okay, let’s see if it works. Okay, IM100 works. But, it’s a 10 minute wait time. Unfortunately, it will not bypass in this version. Maybe the newer versions do but this is an older version, we’ll get our hands on the new version and see what happens. Okay, let’s program the Mustang with X-100. I’ll just plug it in, let’s see what happens. Typed everything down, let’s see if we got a communication now. No. Let’s give it a second try here, see if we can communicate. We typed everything up, we’ve plugged it in. Again, this is not never on of our main, it’s a backup to the backup to the backup. When everything else doesn’t fail, you start going through your backup machines. As we talked before, you need two machines for sure, key programmers. So, failed to communicate. We have a fail. We’re gonna program key to the 2014 Mustang. This is a SKP-900. Bought this, it has a highly rated for Nissan. So we bought it, knocked off a few Nissans, it was good. Let’s try it on the Mustang. SKP-900, turned it on, it’s all plugged into the OBD II. See how we go, old-style menu. Bypass the 10 minutes or close onto the 10 minutes. Okay, SKP-900, it wouldn’t do the 10-minute bypass. We waited for 10 minutes. And it is successful. So, but, we had to wait 10 minutes. Most of the car programmers can add a key, add a transponder key to the system. Most, if not all, were able to bypass the 10 minute wait time, which is a huge saving in times. As you can see, one just totally failed to communicate. We tried everything, had good luck with that on Hondas, didn’t do well on this 2014 Mustang. I’m gonna try all of these on several more Fords, and we’ll see how they do in other videos. But overall, everything did way better than I expected. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also, visit my website, and you can see what online locksmith training I have for beginners, intermediate and advanced, as well as my covert methods of entry, and my non-destructive methods of entry.

Note: if you rent a car and you get two keys connected together go to “How to Separate Car Keys

Mr. Locksmith Tests 5+ Car Key Programmers on 2014 Ford Mustang Mr. Locksmith™ Winnipeg

Mr. Locksmith Tests 5+ Car Key Programmers on 2014 Ford Mustang Mr. Locksmith™ Winnipeg


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