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Off Shore Auto Key Programmer Clones | Mr. Locksmith Winnipeg

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My daily Auto Key Programmer is the HotWire and the MVP Pro. I am on the unlimited token plan for both programmers. For the past 5+ years, I have been purchasing and testing “Offshore Auto Key Programmers.”

I have several Off Shore MVP clones. The price was so low, we keep on testing to see if any Off Shore Key Programmer could replace our existing programmers.

The MVP Clones are poorly made and no consistency or reliability with the software.

One Off Shore Key Programmer clone will program Ford and Chrysler but not Honda. Another identical clone will do Honda but not some Fords.
Another clone may work on a Nissan, but no one unit will do everything. It’s just been a zero.

So we kept on buying these, kept on testing them. Our dongles would break. The units would break. They’d fall apart. The software was inconsistent.

However, we found one clone that consistently worked well with Honda reflashes, specifically the 1998-2002 Honda Preludes.

In the early day we were just trying to save tokens, and really did we save any money? No, the clones were not good. There’s no consistency.

But again, if you don’t try, you don’t know. And there are some good units out there that the Chinese are coming out with now that are making some of the good stuff look bad.

Some of the new offshore auto key programmers they are using their own software, their own designs, and they are not clones or scammer units. Some of the Off Shore Key Programmers actually seem to be getting there.

Well, they’re coming out with nice updates on them, so they are becoming consistent.

The thing is with everything, you could have an Offshore made, really good programmer, and now they have counterfeit units of that that are total garbage.

So why are some of these Auto Key Programmers $300 and the other unit’s $50? The $50 unit is a total clone and it’s a total piece of garbage. How do you know? You don’t. That’s the big problem.



One way to find out is if you read the automotive forums.

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Talk to other Locksmiths and view our videos.

The various plugins quality was all over the map. Some very good forums on Facebook, KeyPro website, ClearStar, etc.

One of my favorite sources for Automotive Locksmith Information is Fast Facts Book

So far, again, we’ve talked about this before, our go-to units are the MVP Pro and Hotwire.

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