Graham B.

I put myself in a bad position when my key broke off in my door lock at my apartment, i figured my day was done and it’s going to be a bad day, as now i cannot leave.

I checked online, and the only site that made me feel comfortable was Mr. Locksmith (Michael).

I called him up, very helpful on the phone, and all sounds great. It was a busy day, so a couple of hours to be there, couldn’t ask for more,… except to my surprise, when within just over an hour after i called, he had replaced my lock and handed me a new set of keys!

Not only was the service fast, he had all of the parts available, fixed the problem within 10 minutes of being onsite and showed me what was done and options for keys in the future.

I was extremely appreciative of this type of exceptional service, and it made my day and I will be passing his name onto anyone i know looking for his services.

Thx Michael!…

Graham B.Burnaby, BC