Time to UpGrade my Truck & Camper RV Security | Mr. Locksmith™ Winnipeg

Time to UpGrade my Truck & RV Camper Security | Mr. Locksmith Winnipeg

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PACLOCK’s KT2173A/810 Hasp and Puck Combo Kit, Buy America Act Compliant, High-Security 6-Pin Cylinder, One Lock Keyed to #26541 w/ 2 Keys, Blue Anod. Alum. Puck, Double Coated Hasp

The PacLock Hockey Puck Lock is attached to the Hasp so no more misplacing or losing my Puck Locks. The PacLock Hasp just bolted into the existing holes of the Master Padlock Hasp. Quick and easy Remove and Replace to increase your RV Security.

I really like the PACLOCK’s Puck-Link Chain Locking System, w/ 2 Keys, Hidden Shackle and going to install this on my camper to protect my Propane tanks. Video Soon!

Because of all of the ongoing theft with my pick-up truck and camper, even though I got alarms on everything. I am going heavy duty on everything. I am going to protect my propane tanks, Also,  protect my recovery boards, my gas, my jerry cans. I finally got fed up with losing propane tanks, and my truck getting broken into. They stole my hammock. They’ve just taking bits and pieces. This is what I’m doing. Talked to the guys at Pacific Lock. Said, ‘Hey, I’ve got some problems. I want to go heavy-duty, Hockey puck lock will go on the back door. This is pretty standard stuff. I got all my little cable locks and small chain I’ll just do the little padlocks to sort of keep things down on the roof rack, and bits and pieces in some of the luggage inside the camper. But this is what I’m really excited about is the hockey puck or the puck lock that has a chain in it. So I can put various length chains and right off the bat this is gonna go lag bolted on right the way through on my propane tanks. And this will work for anybody’s camper trailer, RV. This is going to be fun. So I’m probably going to get a couple more of these. I’m going to use it for my propane tanks, my recovery boards, or traction boards, and also my jerry cans. It has a crappy little lock on it and the price of gas now and the military cans, my military-style jerry cans, just cause they’re heavy-duty, they haven’t been stoled yet. But I’m going to put this on it. So, stay tuned for we’re going to install all this stuff. We’re going to upgrade the security on my camper. And this will be good for anybody with overland vehicles, keep the preppers happy, you can secure your stuff when it’s sitting in your driveway or wherever you have it. You at least keep your basics held on there together and keep the crack heads and the meth heads from stealing your stuff.

More Videos in the near future securing Recreational Vehicles, Locks for RVs, Campers & Overland Vehicles to protect the contents, Propane Tanks, Spare Tires, Gas Cans and other valuables.


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Locksmith Near Me Winnipeg | Mr. Locksmith™ Winnipeg (204) 818-0805

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